Record Musts – Novo Amor – Woodgate, NY EP

1277401_371791359625365_1305200925_oIf you find yourself looking for Bon Iver-ish tunes (and I mean, let’s face it, Bonny Bear’s last record was released in 2011 so you should be feeling the need to listen to new tunes), then you can find some comfort in British musician Novo Amor. His moniker means ‘New Love’  – which the artist himself claims as a representation of “why I started writing music. Two years ago I’d just gone through a break up so I turned to song writing to channel it into something creative rather than feeling down about it (Line of Best Fit).”

Isn’t that the best precursor to what you can expect from his songs? In true Bon Iver fashion – it is melancholic, ambient, and soothing (soon as you get over being all crey about it – it depends on the day). His first single off the 4-track EP, “From Gold” is an appetizing opening and current favorite.

Listen to the first track below:

Listen to the EP:

iTunes    |    Spotify    |    Deezer

More about Novo Amor:

Artist Website    |    Facebook    |    Twitter

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