Track of the Week: Birdy – Tee Shirt


I’ve never really taken the time to listen to Birdy’s originals (was “People Help the People” an original?) – I wasn’t so much of a fan despite of the fact that she made a neat cover of The National’s “Terrible Love” and Phoenix’s “1901” – it was her “Skinny Love” cover that maybe made me lose interest, just because I hold that song so dear that no one really could get it right except for Bon Iver (at least for my ears).

But since I’m one of those (not so young) kids waiting for the movie release of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars (TFIOS), I was on soundtrack patrol. The first single that I heard – which was also by Birdy – was called “Not About Angels”. It sounded like Birdy: voice heavy and a little haunting – and didn’t really work for me.

However, with “Tee Shirt”, it was a little bit more relatable, and frankly I felt that it was a better fit for the 18-year-old. I enjoyed a couple (ok, a lot) of spins in my playlist, and is giving me weird and anticipatory hurt feelings over seeing TFIOS. It’s already one thing for me to read about a fictional character dying, but to see Ansel Elgort acting as Augustus Waters, I guess, would be twice as heartbreaking.

…Or maybe not. Either way, I have a couple of days to prepare myself (and that means buying lots of tissues), because I’m going to cry in the theater. And this song is not going to help. 


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