Track of the Week: Damien Rice – The Greatest Bastard


Damien Rice has been on a break since 2007. Back then, I was still a teenager. I was in college. I was deciding on a major. I just about discovered “Cannonball” and fell in love with “Lonelily”. 2007 seemed like a really long time. And when you only have two albums (and 9) from this one great artist, you’d anticipate a return.

So when it finally happens, you understand that my only reaction is:


If you have listened to Damien’s previous records, you’d know that his music is depressing  – I’m not gonna sugarcoat that for you. It is really sad. But it’s the beautiful kind. His latest album, My Favourite Faded Fantasy (how wonderful is that title, by the way?), is no exception. With eight tracks of beautiful somber tunes, the tears (and feelz) really takes over with Track 3: “The Greatest Bastard”.

It starts slow and apologetic, and then just proceeds to slaying you with vulnerable grief. It is murder. It is beautiful, delicious, melancholic murder. And I love every second of it.

For more Damien Rice:

Official Website   |   Facebook   |   iTunes

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