Track of the Week: Willamette Stone – I Want What You Have

willamette stone

If only I saw the movie If I Stay in time as planned, I would have seen Willamette Stone earlier. I did listen to the OST a couple of days before the movie was out though and took interest in this track but I thought they were just one of those indie bands then. I never really spent time trying to find out more about them. It was only when I saw the movie did I find out that this is the band the fictional protagonist boy is involved with, and that, in turn, made the whole band fictional as well (it didn’t have to be! But it is, it says here).

It’s a shame. I like Willamette Stone. They sound like a real band and not like some of those bands created for a movie. It’s like The Kooks (but very much American) – they have that same spirit. The good thing is, there is more than one song from the band on the album. The bad news is, those may be the only songs the band will ever create.

Unless we all make a petition to get these guys together, make more music, tour the world and be the rock stars that they are? (IDEA!) Then again, Jamie Blackley is a pretty legit actor. The other members are part of the band Tommy Alto and Tough Lovers (BUT IT’S NOT THE SAME!).

Listen to the song here:

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