Tracks of the Week: Acid House King, The Raveonettes, Stealing Sheep, Leighton Meester, Kings of Leon

Let’s start off my July posts with some Top Tunes. Not really this week’s, let’s just say, last and maybe a few week’s ago. Let’s go! 🙂

5. Acid House Kings – This and That
So Sweden’s responsible for one of my favorite bands, Shout Out Louds, but it never occured to me to search for more awesome bands from this divine country. Luckily, one night, as I was killing time watching trailers in Youtube, I heard a bit of this song, particularly just the lines, “I imagine this; I imagine that.” I went on a hunt-this-song phase and found out that the Acid House Kings, are in fact, from Sweden. Here’s to looking up more Swedish bands then!
4. The Raveonettes – Last Dance
I tried re-listening to this song from The Raveonettes, and I remembered how I found the whole song, especially the chorus, cute. If we have a Swedish band up there, we now have a Danish duo. Ah, music. So universal.
3. Stealing Sheep – There’s Only One
So when I decided to tune in to Folk Radio UK the other night, this song was about to end already. It might be the end bits of this song that lured me in, but the whole piece is nice. I love the “out of sight, out of mind” part. The band’s from Liverpool, and they call their music Psych-Folk. Strangely so – they are still unsigned, but they are sure gaining popularity with their gigs and EPs.
2. Leighton Meester – Words I Couldn’t Say
I watched Country Strong (2010) the other day, and I found this song really – uhm, catchy. Well, okay, I sang it everyday for, like, a week. This is a Rascal Flatts original, but Leighton sure did it justice.
1. Kings of Leon – Back Down South
The Kings of Leon are back! Ha. I was wondering what song they’d pick as their next single – and I might be a bit biased with Track 01 “The End” and Track 05 “The Face”, but hearing this song via an online radio? Really good. 🙂

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